Welcome to SFS High School, Telam!

Understood and interpreted in varied angles, Education has evolved into a magic key that calls for security to the future, wiper of misery and a stamp of status symbol. The word education has evolved into English from the Latin word ‘Educare’ which means to ‘bring up, to rise, and to nourish, to train or mould’. It also means to ‘draw out and to bring forth’. Therefore, education should channel this nourishing of the mind to bring up one and those around. It cancels the mere thought of procuring a promising stellar of a career, instead to be truly enlightened to nourish self and those around. Education is not an achievement but rather it is absorption of everything knowledgeable around to spark those latent potentialities innate within to light up the darkness of ignorance that dwell within and around.

‘Lead Kindly Light’, the motto of St Francis de Sales High School, beckons us to light up the path of the young ones. To educate to light up the darkness of every child is what being materialised at SFS. Make everyone future proof as they come out of this temple of learning is the contentment of everyone associated with this institute. If education is an all round process of moulding every child, all associated with the child has the duty to educate. We need to hold our hands together to bring out the best shape for our children.

With a long and rewarding history of achievement in education behind us our school community continues to move forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.

Tossed up and down in a world of confusion by the booming of internet and social media, the clarity of thought is fragmented and the abstract and imaginary is thought to be the reality. It is an enormous task of an educator or a student to wade through this confusing array. We need to learn with clarity to frame our mind to a clear future. There would be forces taking us to the so called pleasant world concealing the crown of thorns, and ultimately end up in remorse and regret. We need figures of authority and role models to wade us across the clouded minds.

I do gratefully remember everyone who added the brick of knowledge and progress to this humble abode of knowledge. We can never fail to remember the previous Principals and Headmistresses in adding mightily their share to mould this school what it is today. Forward SFS!

God Bless SFS School!

Fr Sibi Mathew (Philip) MSFS